Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The Asbury Athletic Association is a non-profit organization.  It's board is made of volunteers and is NOT associated with the City of Asbury.

1.  What equipment does my child need?

Tee Ball: Cleats or Tennis Shoes; Athletic Pants/Shorts or Baseball/Softball Pants; Glove;   OPTIONAL: Bat & Helmet

Baseball:  Team Jersey (information provided prior to season); Baseball Pants; Socks; Glove; Cleats; Bat;  OPTIONAL: Helmet

* When signing your son or daughter up for baseball / softball, you will be required to purchase their jersey / cap.*

2.  What does the Asbury Ahtletic Association provide?

The Asbury Athletic Association provides player and coach insurance, scheduling of games and practices, team helmets, team practice balls, game balls, catcher's equipment, and an equipment bag for each team.  Tee Ball is also provided several bats, tees, incredi-balls for teams to use during games.

The AAA also allows for its members to use the game/practice fields, batting cage, pitching machines, and all other equipment throughout the season.

3.  Where are games played?

Tee Ball:  Games are played at Maple Hills Park, Asbury Park and Roosevelt Middle School field

Baseball:  Games are played at Asbury Park and throughout the Little Prairie League (i.e. Cascade, Farley, Epworth, Peosta, etc.)

4.  When do games begin?

Schedules are not finalized.  Look for a schedule sometime in early April.  Links to the schedules will be provided (website and Facebook) once complete.

Tee Ball:  Games will begin mid to late May or the very beginning of June.  Games will be played on Mondays (mostly).

Baseball:  Typically begin in mid to late April (Game nights and practice nights are determined by level and vary)

5.  When are games played?

Tee Ball:  Monday evenings, depending on field on availability or weather issues, games could be played on Tuesday or Wednesday at times.

Baseball:  A League = Monday; B League = Tuesday; C League = Wednesday; D League = Tuesday

6.  How much does is cost to play?

Tee Ball:  $85.00 per player

Baseball: $85.00 per player (All levels)

7.  Who should I contact with questions about baseball?

Tony Houselog - thouselog@dbqschools.org

Ryan Brown - bearfan30@gmail.com

9.  Who should I contact with questions about Tee Ball?

Mark Hefel -- mhefel@gmail.com

Ryan Brown -- bearfan30@gmail.com