Friday, December 6, 2019

1.  What equipment does my child need?

Tee Ball:  glove, cleats/tennis shoes, bat, players can wear any kind of flexible bottoms (i.e. baseball pants, shorts, sweat pants, etc.)

Baseball:  Glove, Cleats, Bat, Baseball Pants. (more specific information may be given to you by your child's coach)*

Softball:  glove, cleats, softball pants (more specific information may be given to you by your child's coach)*

* When signing your son or daughter up for baseball / softball, you will be required to purchase their jersey / cap.*

Softball only requires the purchase of a jersey. At the end of the season, your son or daughter will keep their jersey and cap.

2.  What does Asbury provide?

Fields for practice and games, helmets, balls and catcher's equipment for each team.  Tee Ball is also provided several bats, tees, incredi-balls for teams to use during games.

3.  Where are games played?

Tee Ball:  Games are played at Maple Hills Park, Asbury Park and Roosevelt Middle School field

Baseball:  Games are played at Asbury Park and throughout the Little Prairie League (i.e. Key West, Cascade, Epworth, Farley, etc.)

4.  When do games begin?

Schedules are not finalized yet.  Links will be provided on this site when they are all completed. In the past, boys baseball begin games the last week in April and Softball starts games the 3rd week in May.

Baseball 2019 Schedule

Tee Ball typically begins play on the first Monday in June.  Games will be played mostly on Mondays with some Tuesday or Wednesday games. 

5.  How much does is cost to play?

T-Ball:  $75.00 (includes t-shirt)

Baseball: $85.00 (all levels)

Softball:  $60.00 (E league), $75.00 (D league), $95.00 (A,B,C league)

6.  Where are softball games played?

The majoirty of the games are played at the DGIL complex, with a few played at Asbury Field.  Visit the DGIL website for more information on schedules:

7.  Who should I contact with questions about softball?

Jeff Schlichte -

8.  Who should I contact with questions about baseball?

Tony Houselog -

9.  Who should I contact with questions about Tee Ball?

Mark Hefel -