Tuesday, July 23, 2024


The mission of the Asbury Athletic Association is to see that it's players are taught sportsmanship, the fundamentals of baseball/softball and provide and environment for our players to have fun! 


  •  Be patient and understanding.
  •  Offer praise or compliments to ALL players.
  •  NO yelling at umpires.
  •  NO abusive language.
  •  NEVER yell at your players on or off the field.
  •  Use a calm, positive manner when correcting players.


Bad conduct, abusive or foul language used during a practice or game will NOT be tolerated and will result in:

  •  First offense: Verbal warning
  •  Second offense: Parents contacted
  •  Third offense: Player removed from team for remainder of season


  •  Be supportive of your son/daughter (attend their games, umpire games when needed, etc.).
  •  The same conduct rules that apply for players, also applies for parents.
  •  Encourage and model good sportsmanship for your child.